The Wait

The time we spend waiting for something decides how much that thing is going to matter to us. Getting something the very next day after you wished for it, reduces the importance of it. We may normally end up taking it for granted. In the world I live this has been proved to me many a times. Every time by a piece of technology, the cellphones I lost and the pairs of earphones I broke. The day I start thinking this thing will say with me long enough, the very same day I either loose it or break it. Even though none of this is intentional, it happens. I am sure I will avoid this slap by the universe on my soul this time by waiting enough to get a new phone so  that I would understand the Importance of getting one .  
This chain of thoughts was initiated in my mind like an Uranium chain reaction by the happy and cheerful thoughts of getting a new phone and the sad and self-undermining thoughts of losing my old.

Funny Pharmacist.