Life – A Smartphone application.

A Smartphone.
Smartphones started their journey in 1874 with Alexander Graham Bell and since then they have reached to 5 inches of qHD screens and quad core processors. Not so surprisingly this is not exactly where the journey ends.

The last decade of the twentieth century made cellphone an affordable commodity. Around that period the cellphone entered our family and it was welcomed and treated so well that it never left but kept increasing its population in our family.

I got my first cellphone when I was in 5th grade that would be 8 years ago. Since then my journey of the technology love has begun and is nowhere near the end I believe.

Talking about the current condition the cellphones have evolved to a smarter generation called ‘the smartphone’ to match the current smarter generation of humans. Owing to these few inch devices the human life has transformed completely. How? Libraries transformed into xaps apks and sis. Music transformed to mp3 from CDs.

Even life itself has into transformed an application which keeps updating without any visible improvement.

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Wonders of life or Life A wonder

Life. A subject every writer wants to write about. For the same reasons I am here.
I believe life is a wonder itself. The way we humans evolved from our ancestors. The way we were the only species who could balance our bodies on our hind limbs and started using our forelimbs for various activities.

Ever since I was a kid (I consider myself a grownup now 19 years) I have been reading,listening and watching documentaries about life and not so surprisingly everyone has a different view about life. There are few aspects which are believed by a lot and I have a different view towards those.

A lot of people say Life is Short, on the contrary I believe it is not when everything is falling apart or when its a bad patch you are going through. This may seem ridiculous at the moment but the more you think about it, the more you will realize that there is some sense in what I believe. You may also feel that I am totally wrong and possibility of that happening is a lot more than you agreeing with me. Why? I said earlier EVERYONE has a different way to look towards life.

With this little thought about life I have ignited a chain of thoughts about life in your minds too.

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Yours Truly,

The Wait

The time we spend waiting for something decides how much that thing is going to matter to us. Getting something the very next day after you wished for it, reduces the importance of it. We may normally end up taking it for granted. In the world I live this has been proved to me many a times. Every time by a piece of technology, the cellphones I lost and the pairs of earphones I broke. The day I start thinking this thing will say with me long enough, the very same day I either loose it or break it. Even though none of this is intentional, it happens. I am sure I will avoid this slap by the universe on my soul this time by waiting enough to get a new phone so  that I would understand the Importance of getting one .  
This chain of thoughts was initiated in my mind like an Uranium chain reaction by the happy and cheerful thoughts of getting a new phone and the sad and self-undermining thoughts of losing my old.

Funny Pharmacist.

Sunset of a year long saga of exams.



13th August 2012, My first day at Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research or IPER as we often mention it, as a First Year B.Pharm student. The year was not exactly a dream situation but when looking at a larger picture, it all seems perfect. Awesome time spent in practical labs, class rooms and mainly in hotels(Hotel to be grammatically correct as we barely went to any other place except ‘The Mandar’). 
                            This year gave me a lot of my firsts, failing in an examination for the first time, first time of bunking classes to spend time in canteen, spending hours at the Boys Hostel after the college hours, ogling at seniors and the list can continue for days.
                            This whole year all I cared about is what I should order at ‘The Mandar’, how I am supposed to complete my record book within the submission date and When I will be able to look at my phone. Frankly speaking I don’t regret all this. I studied enough to pass (maybe), but after the whole year I spent studying, doing crazy chemistry practicals I am happy with myself. I have never been so happy being careless, not that I stopped being afraid of breaking rules but I just started enjoying this stuff.
As the 17 days of vacations are coming to an end, I am starting to think about the year that lies and possibilities that it will bring to me.
Even if I fail I won’t be sad or ashamed because my life was amazing the whole year even when I was studying for some test or the other.

Adiós mis queridos lectores

तुझीच तू,मी पण तुझाच.


तू तुझी, मी पण तुझाच.
चित तुझी, पट पण तुझाच.
चीड चीड तुझी, अभिमान पण तुझाच.
राग तुझा, लोभ पण तुझाच.
रुसणे तुझेच,हसणे पण तुझेच.
आनंद तुझा,दुख पण तुझाच,
तू तुझी, मी पण तुझाच.