Life – A Smartphone application.

A Smartphone.
Smartphones started their journey in 1874 with Alexander Graham Bell and since then they have reached to 5 inches of qHD screens and quad core processors. Not so surprisingly this is not exactly where the journey ends.

The last decade of the twentieth century made cellphone an affordable commodity. Around that period the cellphone entered our family and it was welcomed and treated so well that it never left but kept increasing its population in our family.

I got my first cellphone when I was in 5th grade that would be 8 years ago. Since then my journey of the technology love has begun and is nowhere near the end I believe.

Talking about the current condition the cellphones have evolved to a smarter generation called ‘the smartphone’ to match the current smarter generation of humans. Owing to these few inch devices the human life has transformed completely. How? Libraries transformed into xaps apks and sis. Music transformed to mp3 from CDs.

Even life itself has into transformed an application which keeps updating without any visible improvement.

Thanks for the read, comments are welcome so that I can improve my writing.


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