Wonders of life or Life A wonder

Life. A subject every writer wants to write about. For the same reasons I am here.
I believe life is a wonder itself. The way we humans evolved from our ancestors. The way we were the only species who could balance our bodies on our hind limbs and started using our forelimbs for various activities.

Ever since I was a kid (I consider myself a grownup now 19 years) I have been reading,listening and watching documentaries about life and not so surprisingly everyone has a different view about life. There are few aspects which are believed by a lot and I have a different view towards those.

A lot of people say Life is Short, on the contrary I believe it is not when everything is falling apart or when its a bad patch you are going through. This may seem ridiculous at the moment but the more you think about it, the more you will realize that there is some sense in what I believe. You may also feel that I am totally wrong and possibility of that happening is a lot more than you agreeing with me. Why? I said earlier EVERYONE has a different way to look towards life.

With this little thought about life I have ignited a chain of thoughts about life in your minds too.

Thank you for the read.
Yours Truly,


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