Sunset of a year long saga of exams.



13th August 2012, My first day at Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research or IPER as we often mention it, as a First Year B.Pharm student. The year was not exactly a dream situation but when looking at a larger picture, it all seems perfect. Awesome time spent in practical labs, class rooms and mainly in hotels(Hotel to be grammatically correct as we barely went to any other place except ‘The Mandar’). 
                            This year gave me a lot of my firsts, failing in an examination for the first time, first time of bunking classes to spend time in canteen, spending hours at the Boys Hostel after the college hours, ogling at seniors and the list can continue for days.
                            This whole year all I cared about is what I should order at ‘The Mandar’, how I am supposed to complete my record book within the submission date and When I will be able to look at my phone. Frankly speaking I don’t regret all this. I studied enough to pass (maybe), but after the whole year I spent studying, doing crazy chemistry practicals I am happy with myself. I have never been so happy being careless, not that I stopped being afraid of breaking rules but I just started enjoying this stuff.
As the 17 days of vacations are coming to an end, I am starting to think about the year that lies and possibilities that it will bring to me.
Even if I fail I won’t be sad or ashamed because my life was amazing the whole year even when I was studying for some test or the other.

Adiós mis queridos lectores


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